Fall Classes
This fall, we will be providing free online classes in Conversational English, N400, U.S. History, and one-on-one mock interview support. For the first time, we will also be offering a few classes to practice everyday English.

Level 1: Citizenship English

Level 1 encompasses basic conversation skills needed for the naturalization interview. Since students have limited or no previous exposure to the subject matter, Mandarin/Cantonese will be the primary medium of instruction. This class will help teach the English required for higher level classes.

Level 2: N400

Level 2 covers the vocabulary and phrases included on the N400 forms. It places an emphasis on being able to converse regarding N400 topics in English, in preparation for the conversation with the interviewer. Basic English knowledge is recommended for this class.

Level 3: US History

Level 3 teaches all of the 100 possible questions on American history and government (10 of these will be asked on the actual exam). Classes are taught at a quicker pace and the emphasis is placed on drilling and fine-tuning speaking and listening skills. Usage of Mandarin is much less in comparison to the previous levels.

Level 4: Mock Interview

Students practice writing and reading simple sentences in addition to drilling the material covered in previous levels. Students are given every opportunity to practice English, and emphasis is placed on personalized instruction. Classes are primarily taught in English, but Mandarin/Cantonese is used for clarification.